This release is a bugfix release, the last one before Python 3 support will be added. This is the final release of Tastypie that is compatible with Django 1.4.


  • Added support for Unicode HTTP method names. (SHA: 2ebb362)

  • Added a response for HTTP 422 Unprocessable Entity. (SHA: 7aadbf8)

  • Added ISO-8601 strict support. (SHA: 3043140)


  • Added a None value for username_field in the compat module. (SHA: 569a72e)

  • Fixed a bug where obj_create would check authorization twice. (SHA: 9a404fa)

  • Fixed test case to no longer require a defined object class. (SHA: d8e250f)

  • Fixed the signature on dehydrate in the GIS resource class. (SHA: f724919)

  • Fixed a bug involving updating foreign relations on create. (SHA: 50a6741)

  • Changed the PUT response code (with always_return_data = True) from 202 to 200. (SHA: abc0bef)

  • Documentation updates:

    • Added an OAuth 2.0 example to the cookbook. (SHA: 7c93ae2)

    • Added a detail_uri_name to the Non-PK example in the cookbook. (SHA: 1fde565)

    • Added docs warning about total_count & performance overhead by default. (SHA: ebfbb7f)

    • Updated the Nested Resources example in the cookbook. (SHA: d582ead)

    • Added an example of converting a list of objects to JSON in the cookbook. (SHA: 2e81342)