This release is a bugfix release. This also fixes installing Tastypie on Python 3 (due to the python-mimeparse dependency change).

This release is also the first to be released as a Python wheel as well. Ex:

pip install wheel
pip install --use-wheel django-tastypie


  • Now raises ApiFieldError when a datetime can’t be parsed. (SHA: b59ac03)

  • Reduced the length of the ApiKey.key field to 128. (SHA: 1cdf2c4)

  • A bunch of test improvements. (SHA: 4320db4, SHA: f1bc584 & SHA: bd75a92)

  • Updated SimpleCache to the post-Django 1.3 world. (SHA: 4963d97)

  • Fixed a bug where tastypie.utils.timezone.now could throw an exception. (SHA: b78175d)

  • Fixed the python-mimeparse dependency in setup.py. (SHA: 26dc473)

  • Pinned to the beta of python3-digest. (SHA: cc8ef0f)

  • Fixed CacheThrottle to work with Django’s DummyCache. (SHA: 5b8a316)

  • Improved the error message from assertHttpAccepted. (SHA: 7dbed92)

  • Now raises BadRequest if we fail to decode JSON. (SHA: e9048fd)

  • Removed a duplicate if check. (SHA: 823d007)

  • Added further exception checking for new versions of dateutil. (SHA: 9739a35 & SHA: a8734cf)

  • Removed simplejson. (SHA: ae58615)

  • Removed old Django 1.4 code. (SHA: 3c7ce47)

  • Documentation updates:

    • Added examples of how to implement throttling. (SHA: a305549)

    • Added docs on how to disable all list endpoints. (SHA: f4f4df2)

    • Added docs on GFKs. (SHA: 50189d7)

    • Added to the Tools docs. (SHA: bdde083 & SHA: 8c59e2c)

    • Added docs about running tests with tox. (SHA: f0222ea)

    • Fixed docs on resources. (SHA: d5a290b, SHA: 0c859bf, SHA: bc6defd & SHA: 95be355)

    • Added defusedxml to the docs. (SHA: 521a696)

    • Added to Who Uses. (SHA: dea9bf8)