This release is primarily a bugfix release. It makes using Tastypie with Django 1.5 more friendly, better exceptions


  • Drops Python 2.5 support. Yes, this is a feature that will pave the way for Tastypie on Python 3 support.

  • Added TASTYPIE_ABSTRACT_APIKEY, which allows switching the ApiKey model out. (SHA: b8f4b9c)


  • Better support for Django 1.5:

    • Removed deprecation warnings (SHA: bb01761)

    • Numerous custom User improvements (SHA: d24b390)

  • Expanded places use_in is used (SHA: b32c45)

  • Authorization is now only called once with a full bundle (SHA: f06f41)

  • Changed for_list to accept a boolean (SHA: 01e620)

  • Only save related models that have changed (SHA: 6efdea)

  • Better exception reporting, especially in conjunction with Sentry

    • (SHA: 3f9ce0)

    • (SHA: 4adf11)

  • Configuration warning about defusedxml (SHA: aa8d9fd)

  • Fixed a dependency in setup.py (SHA: cb0fe7)

  • Release notes became a thing! Hooray! (SHA: 95e2499)

  • Documentation updates:

    • Typo in CleanedDataFormValidation (SHA: bf252a)

    • CamelCase JSON (SHA: bf252a)

    • Docstring typo (SHA: e86dad)

    • Per-user resource (SHA: a77b28c)

    • Added more details about creating the ApiKey model (SHA: 80f9b8)