This release adds official support for both Django 1.7, as well as several bugfixes.


If you were previously relying on importing the User model from tastypie.compat, this import will no longer work correctly. This was removed due to the way app-loading works in Django 1.7 & no great solution for dodging this issue exists.

If you were using either of:

from tastypie.compat import User
from tastypie.compat import username_field

Please update your code as follows:

from tastypie.compat import get_user_model
from tastypie.compat import get_username_field


  • Drastic reworking of the test suite. (SHA: 95f57f7)

  • Fixed Travis to run Python 3.4 tests. (SHA: 7af528c)

  • Fixed a bug where URLs would be incorrectly handled if the api_name & resource_name were the same. (SHA: fd55aa3)

  • Fixed a test requirement for PyYAML. (SHA: b4f6531)

  • Added support for Django 1.7. (SHA: 7881bb6)

  • Documentation updates:

    • Fixed header in tools.rst. (SHA: f8af772)

    • Fixed header in resources.rst. (SHA: 9508cbf)