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  • Change OAuthAuthentication to use storage method to get user. (Closes #657)
  • Fixed UnicodeDecodeError in _handle_500(). (Fixes #1190)
  • Fix get_via_uri not working for alphabetic ids that contain the resource name (Fixes #1239, Closes #1240)
  • Don’t enable unsupported formats by default. (Fixes #1451)
  • Gave ApiKey a __str__ implementation that works in Python 2 and 3. (Fixes #1459, Closes #1460)
  • Improved admin UI for API Keys (Closes #1262)
  • Avoid double query on the_m2ms in ToManyField.dehydrate. (Closes #433)
  • Allow ModelResource.Meta.fields = [] to disable introspection. ModelResource.Meta.fields = None or omitting ModelResource.Meta.fields allows introspection as usual. (Fixes #793)
  • Added Resource.get_response_class_for_exception hook. (Closes #1154)
  • Added UnsupportedSerializationFormat and UnsupportedDeserializationFormat exceptions, which are caught and result in HttpNotAcceptable (406 status) and HttpUnsupportedMediaType (415 status) responses, respectively. Previously these same types of errors woud have appeared as 400 BadRequest errors.
  • Fix for datetime parsing error. (#1478)