Sites Using Tastypie

The following sites are a partial list of people using Tastypie. I’m always interested in adding more sites, so please find me (daniellindsley) via IRC or start a mailing list thread.


Read-only API access to recipes.

Read The Docs

A hosted documentation site, primarily for Python docs. General purpose read-write access.


An e-book search site that lets you fetch pricing information.


To power their mobile (iPhone/Android/Playbook) applications.


LocalWiki is a tool for collaborating in local, geographic communities. It’s using Tastypie to provide an geospatially-aware REST API. is a tool for releasing Instagram photos under a Creative Commons license.


Dbpatterns is a service that allows you to create, share, explore database models on the web.


Read-only API providing 2.5M legal opinions and other judicial data via Solr/Sunburnt and Postgres (Django models).