Compatibility Notes

Tastypie does its best to be a good third-party app, trying to interoperate with the widest range of Django environments it can. However, there are times where certain things aren’t possible. We’ll do our best to document them here.

ApiKey Database Index

When the ApiKey model was added to Tastypie, an index was lacking on the key field. This was the case until the v0.9.12 release. The model was updated & a migration was added ( However, due to the way MySQL works & the way Django generates index names, this migration would fail miserably on many MySQL installs.

If you are using MySQL & the ApiKey authentication class, you may need to manually add an index for the the ApiKey.key field. Something to the effect of:

CREATE INDEX tastypie_apikey_key_index ON tastypie_apikey (`key`);